Mote Corn

The Giant White Corn of Cusco has the largest kernel in the world, and is produced only in specific districts of the provinces of Colca and Urubamba (the Sacred Valley of the Incas) in Cusco.

  • Composition:Pure and natural Cusco giant corn.
  • Packaging:25 kg. Or 50 pound polypropylene bags, or other necessities according to customers.
  • Presentation:Multi-purpose paper bags with a weight of 10 to 25 kg depending on customer specifications.

Harvest Availability:

It resists drastic climate changes and seems to be particularly resistant to plagues. Farmers dry the corn according to an ancient custom that requires a combination of frost at night and bright sunshine for 45 days, after which the kernels are removed.

The Giant White Corn of Cusco dates back to the Incas—there are words and traditional festivities that refer to the corn and the means of drying and using it. Although used in many Peruvian dishes, the Giant White Corn of Cusco is mostly exported as a snack.